A number of individuals, groups, institutions, organisations, government bodies and officials partner with DraftCraft's 'Being The Change' in their respective capacities to spread the word, add value to the campaign and express support. An individual reporting a story of hope for India Positive - A DraftCraft Venture; a group of girls volunteering to Hear-A-Tale from the elderly for DraftCraft's Sun Suna campaign; a handful of young mothers pitching in Tell-A-Tale to the homeless young; to an old age home providing venue for the elderly to share their stories for Hear-A-Tale campaign; publications offering space for comment, poetry, prose and essays penned down for The Write Change - A DraftCraft Venture. Each partner has something to contribute to this movement and Team DraftCraft looks forward to working with them and many more!

A complete list of all our partners will be shared soon.

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