For 'Being The Change' to reach out to its beneficiaries, it is important for like-minded individuals to join hands and shoulder responsibility to take the movement forward. People engaged in areas critical in bringing about change such as law, media, social work play very important roles and form the intellectual backbone of 'Being The Change'. Additionally, our team of volunteers whose only qualification that matters is 'the will' to strengthen 'Being The Change' and all its campaigns share a special place in the movement.

To facilitate this process, 'Being The Change' focuses on providing the right platform to students, professionals, academicians and institutions to interact and initiate discussion on amending the law, the system and the popular mind-set. The five networks, as follows, bring together the student, the teacher and the practitioner on the same drawing board to discuss pertinent issues and find solutions to problems of the common.

DraftCraft Volunteer Network - An international community of volunteers across boundaries driven by a single, altruistic goal ... Being The Change! Volunteers from different areas of study and work join in and work tirelessly towards strengthening DraftCraft's various campaigns.

DraftCraft Law Network - A forum for students and practitioners to bridge the gap between letter and spirit of the law through research and action. Through this network, members get a chance to discuss legal aspects of issues that affect the common man and the marginalised on a daily basis. The talks lead to generation of ideas, suggestions and white papers that are taken forward to facilitate amending the law.

DraftCraft Media Network - A platform for students and media professionals to quash populist trends and help create 'unbiased and independent' news. The media plays a very important role in generating news that is unbiased and based on facts: A role it finds difficult to fulfill in the face of commercial conflicts plaguing the industry. Often what we see or read in the news is modelled mostly on hearsay or rumour. DraftCraft Media Network ensures a modest, truthful attempt to generate unbiased reportage of an issue.

DraftCraft Social Work Network - Here, social work students avail opportunities to interact, on the field, with the "real" stake-holders. Students and professionals of social work often lack interaction with the actual stake-holders, leading to misplaced assessment of their needs. DraftCraft Social Work Network gives students and practitioners a chance to discuss the "real" issue and find solutions to it.

DraftCraft Travel Network - India is home to one of the oldest known civilisations. It is a the land of many religions, countless tribes, varied geographical and physical features and houses some of the rarest unexplored sites of the world. Through DraftCraft Travel Network you will get a chance to know everything about these 'unknown' destinations. The association with the Network will empower you with knowledge on how to visit a 'site' in need of strategic growth and publicity; socio-historical significance and several other facets that no travel guide or magazine will provide.

For more information and/or to join one or more of DraftCraft's Networks, send in a mail to or call us at 08080441593.

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